Eileen & Larry | Excellent Service & Numerous Benefits

        We love our windows from Croixside. We love how easy they are to open in order to clean, both the inside and outside panes, from inside our house. We especially like the see-through screens that do not block our view. These windows are well-insulated and do a much better job at blocking out the cold weather and the wind than our old ones did. They are very sturdy and are a natural fit in the space where they replaced our old windows. We are impressed at how good they look inside our house and especially outside.

        These windows reduce the noise from outside, including the cars, trucks and children playing. The installers were wonderful and hard as they put in our windows. The people we worked with from Croixside were great, as they answered all of our questions and respected our time by being on time. We would recommend Croixside to anyone considering replacing their windows.